Hillmann Consulting, LLC was founded in 1985 by brothers, Joseph and Christopher Hillmann, and originally operated under the name Hillmann Environmental Company.  After two decades of business success providing comprehensive Environmental and Engineering Consulting services, Joseph and Christopher Hillmann executed a stock redemption agreement, allowing Joe Hillmann to retire while Chris Hillmann became the sole owner.  Since Joe could never truly be without something he’s so passionate about, he continues to be a vital part of our team in his new role as a Consulting Partner.

Our firm was originally established serving mainly commercial properties located in New York City, which is one of the most complex, highly regulated, aggressive markets in the country.  This early experience afforded us the unique opportunity to design innovative environmental protocols that would later become the foundation on which we built our nationwide recognition.  With offices spanning across the United States from coast to coast, Hillmann Consulting, LLC is strategically positioned to provide services in any market.

At Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Your Property is Our Priority. When Joe and Chris started this company their commitment to service was clear, and that continued commitment has proven to be one of the major cornerstones of our success.  We build long lasting relationships with our clients, offering them the peace of mind they need when environmental concerns arise or the unthinkable occurs.

For a complete review of our service offerings, please download our Hillmann Consulting Brochure.