EHS Environmental, Inc. Asset Purchase

by Tina Jaycox

Hillmann Consulting, LLC recently completed the asset purchase of EHS Environmental, Inc. of Mickleton, NJ. EHS Environmental, Inc. offered numerous environmental consulting services including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Asbestos Surveys, Air Monitoring, Building Inspections, Remediation Management, and Demolition Oversight. “It’s a natural fit,” according to Hillmann’s President/CEO, Chris Hillmann.

Jack Carney founded EHS Environmental, Inc. over 30 years ago. He and his team have built a strong reputation for helping developers transform urban properties by managing demolition and remediation prior to development into new housing in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Most of these developers serve their communities by offering affordable housing in high-cost markets. Our Philadelphia area office is looking forward to expanding the set of services we’re able to provide to our clients in that area.

Hillmann Consulting, LLC welcomes former EHS Environmental, Inc. clients and encourages you to continue your relationship with Jack during this period of transition. Jack can be reached at (609) 381-4022 or