Historical Preservation

by Tina Jaycox

In a world where everything is constantly changing, it’s very rewarding to be able to assist our clients with historical preservation projects. Every project is as unique as the rich history of the building and the community where it’s located, and we love being able to unearth that information. We’re fortunate enough to work in every major metropolitan area across the United States, and as you may have guessed, those are the areas where we see the most frequent and dramatic changes in architecture and design. Regardless of location, we strive to make a better future for all the communities we touch.

We’re currently performing Construction Risk Monitoring services on a historical rehab project in the City of Los Angeles. Historical rehabs require a delicate balance of preserving architectural elements reminiscent of the past while incorporating some of the modern conveniences of today. The history is in the details. The wrought iron gate (pictured below), is original, nearing 100 years old. It’s somewhat rare to see this in this particular part of the country, which has made our involvement even more rewarding.   Your Property. Our Priority.