Mercury Emissions from Polyurethane Gymnasium Floors

by Tina Jaycox

Mercury (Hg) in a naturally occurring metal which can cause serious health effects and environmental contamination. Mercury-based catalysts have been used in polyurethane flooring in gymnasiums, athletic facilities, or wherever durable cushioned polyurethane flooring is warranted. Not all polyurethane flooring contains dangerous levels of mercury and off-gassing is dependant on many factors such as wear and tear, temperature, floor openings, cracks, and related surface conditions.

Hillmann Consulting, LLC has developed a Risk Management program to assist in identifying and mitigating potential hazards and liabilities associated with the off-gassing of mercury vapors in rubber-like polyurethane flooring systems and related surfaces in athletic facilities. Please feel free to contact our Senior Risk Control Manager, Joseph Kapp, CIH, at (908) 688-7800 for assistance in safeguarding and reducing incidents related to this potential health and environmental concern.