About Hillmann Consulting

Hillmann Consulting, LLC is a full-service Environmental and Engineering Consulting firm providing an array of customized Remediation Support, Environmental Health and Occupational Safety, Sustainability Consulting, Environmental Due Diligence, Geotechnical, and Laboratory Analysis services.

Our 29 years of consulting experience also include performing Emergency Planning and First Response Programs for major disasters such as terror incidents, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fires and building collapses. At Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Your Property Is Our Priority.


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Winter Tips: Preventing Pipe Bursts

When the temperature falls below freezing, the pipes in your home could be at risk. Check out our quick tip sheet and learn a few preventative measures that may help spare you from the costly repairs associated with water damage.


30 for 30 Blood Drive

In honor of our 30th Anniversary, we're committing ourselves to 30 acts of volunteerism and/or community service this year! Join us on April 14th as we kick off our *30 for 30* with a Blood Drive!