About Hillmann Consulting

Hillmann Consulting, LLC is a full-service Environmental and Engineering Consulting firm providing an array of customized Remediation Support, Environmental Health and Occupational Safety, Sustainability Consulting, Environmental Due Diligence, Geotechnical, and Laboratory Analysis services.

Our 29 years of consulting experience also include performing Emergency Planning and First Response Programs for major disasters such as terror incidents, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fires and building collapses. At Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Your Property Is Our Priority.


Featured News & Services

EPCRA SARA Title III Tier Two Reporting

Let Hillmann assist you in preparing the chemical inventory, MSDS compilation, evaluation of chemicals versus thresholds and preparing the required state filing documentation under EPCRA SARA Title III: Tier Two Reporting.


SPELL JIF Announces Mold Hotline

Hillmann is pleased to announce that we've been selected to manage the SPELL JIF Mold Hotline. What's SPELL JIF & how can Hillmann help?